My Babies are Two!

_DSC0034Today we are celebrating my twins’ birthday! On their birthday I have for the past two years looked back on their birth story and the photos from their birth. Giving birth was a powerful experience for me– one that I am quite sure I will never forget. I read the birth story I published on my day-to-day blog and think of the memories with fondness. Watching these two little babies grow into toddlers has been such a privilege. I never understood it whenever parents say “they grow so fast!”… but now I do. I feel like I’ve blinked and suddenly we are two years removed from the hospital bed snuggling as a family for the first time. 

With each laboring mother I work with as a doula, I always feel a special rush when the baby is born. Being so close to life being brought forth always makes me stand in awe of how strong women are to grow a baby inside them and then to birth that baby. It’s beautiful and amazing, regardless of how a baby is born. Each birth story is unique and inspiring. I feel immensely privileged each time I’m asked attend a birth and be a small part of that story.


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