Postpartum Resources

As a new mom, I had a really difficult time postpartum. A large contributing factor to how I felt transitioning into my new role as a mom was simply that I didn’t know about certain resources available to me.

Did you know there are postpartum doulas in our area who help families transition as they bring their baby home? Many will help you in the night so you can sleep a little, they can help you with some household tasks, and can help answer your questions about baby care. Contact me and I can give you some names and contact info for some Postpartum Doulas.

Another great resource for moms in Virginia is an organization called Postpartum Support Virginia.  They have the names of psychiatrists, therapists, and host support groups all across Hampton Roads (well, all of Virginia. You simply select your region for the resources they have available to you). The website has information on what Perinatal Mood Disorder are, what the risk factors and symptoms are, as well as other online resources for you.

Postpartum can be a very difficult time for moms. Many of us are living far from family and may not have friends who can help the way we need it. The good news is that if you are experiencing postpartum depression or another perinatal mood disorder, there is help available to you! I encourage you to visit Postpartum Support Virginia’s website if you aren’t sure where to start.




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