About Me

_DSC0432I’m a Certified Professional Birth Doula, trained through toLabor. Being a Doula has been something that’s been on my radar since before I was even pregnant the first time. I believe in a woman’s ability to give birth just as her body was designed to do. Unfortunately, our current system is not always supportive of that ability. I hope you’ll check out my other tabs to learn more about what a doula is and how I might be able to help you during your pregnancy and birth.

By way of introduction, here are five fun facts about me (in no particular order):

1.) I love to read. I tend to stick to science fiction/fantasy, but I also love me a good detective story.
2.) I am a runner. I enjoy having the time to just breathe the fresh air, listen to an audio book, and go.
3.) I morbidly enjoy grocery shopping. It’s a game to see how much money I can save each week.
4.) Doctor Who is my favorite television show.
5.) My favorite comfort food is buttered toast. I know, it’s weird.