Doula Services

When thinking about hiring a doula, it’s important to feel comfortable with any potential candidates. For this reason, I am happy to do one free consult with you and your partner. We will discuss your wishes for your birth, answer any questions you may have, and review the doula services agreement. You will not be required to make a decision at the end of this meeting– take the agreement, discuss it, and get back to me within two weeks.

Once a contract is signed and the non-refundable deposit is paid, I will block out my availability for your birth on my calendar. Here is what you can expect from me during your pregnancy and labor:

Prenatal Visits- We will meet before the 36th week of pregnancy to discuss your plan for birth, any concerns you may have, and to have a chance to get to know one another prior to labor.
On-Call For your Labor- I will go on call for your labor starting on the 38th week of pregnancy until the birth of your baby. If you go into labor prior to 38 weeks I will do my very best to be at your birth.
Labor Support– In the early phases of labor, I will support you via phone. When you are in active labor I will come to you either at your home or at the birth center/hospital. Labor support will include comfort measures, emotional support, and advocating for your birth plan (if necessary). I will stay with you after the birth of your baby until you are settled, usually 1-2 hours after delivery.
Postpartum visit– I will visit you 1-2 weeks after the birth, if desired.
Phone and Email Support- You may call, text, or email me at during your pregnancy and up to 4 weeks postpartum. Please be respectful of my family and do not call from 8pm-9am, unless there is a very urgent matter we need to discuss.
Regarding Fees- My current fee is $600.00. $300.00 is due as a non-refundable deposit when an agreement is signed. The rest of the balance is due by the 37th week of pregnancy. If cost will prevent you from hiring a doula, I am more than happy to discuss a few different options with you. An additional travel fee may be applied for attending births up the peninsula.
Back up Doula- A back up doula is available, should I not be able to attend your birth. Generally speaking, the only reasons I would miss your birth would be if I am already at a birth, if I am ill, or due to a family emergency.